Mark 14:32-65

Could you not watch an hour?

I said to them.

My soul is sorrowful

unto death,

Father, why is this so?

‘This is my will’, was the reply.

Could not this cup be passed from me,

evil surrounds me so?

Yet not my will but Yours be done,

for the sake of your holy name.

My people, watch and pray,

temptations abound, lest you fall.

Your spirit is indeed willing,

but the flesh is weak.

My people, could you not watch an hour?

for the sake of your soul.

Evil shall surely befall you,

had it not been for the Son of Man.

My way is the way of the cross,

betrayed by evil men.

What seems to be defeat,

that is the path to victory!

Death may seem to be the end,

that is, until it is conquered.

Are you the Messiah, the Saviour of Israel?

they asked me.

What more can I say?

my miracles, they have seen,

my teaching, they have heard.

No more is it a matter of hearing and seeing,

that heart of stone is the curse.

A heart of filth and sin, of pride and greed,

has Satan in command.

It is he that I have to vanquish,

it is he that I have to slay.

What’s the point in saying more,

until that heart of stone is changed to flesh.

On the cross I will hang,

until the hour of death.

From then I will go where none has been,

the battle is mine and mine alone.

All may dessert me at that hour,

but does that really matter?

They do not know, they do not understand,

the pain and sorrow I bear.

To the cross, willingly I will go,

the victory is certain.

My Father and My Spirit sustain me

in that hour of intense struggle.

For the sake of My Father’s name,

for the sake of His creation,

I will reclaim them for the Triune communion,

reclaim them for eternal glory.

Siew Kiong Tham


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