Good Friday

Good Friday.
Why should this one,
Above all days,
Be called good?
A day of of fear and gloom,
Which ends with the Prince of Life
Shut in a tomb?

You, of whom it was said
‘A bruised reed he will not break’
Yourself are broken as the reed
Falls on your thorn-crowned head;
“Long live the King –
The king is dead.”

You to whom the kings of earth
Are called to kiss and homage pay
Are faced with jaunting sneers
Of those who say,
“Save yourself, if you are the One,
The King,
the Christ,
the Son.”

Darkness falls.
‘My God, my God, why are you so far away?’
You who breathed into the clay
And lights the hearts of man
To death give way.

This Man of Sorrows
Is not just you,
But me.
You walk in my stead,
And in that tree
You expose my hypocrisy
There I, so proud
And bold in my sufficiency
Am emptied to naught, and dead.

What can I say before the Holy One
Except what you have said?
I have no cause to plead
No boast to make
Except that in your death
My shame you take
As if it were your own.

Would you hang between two traitors
Unless your end
Were to make the traitor your friend?
Would you breath your last,
And into Sheol descend
Unless the hope of resurrection
Lay in your pierced hand?

Would you cause the godless man to cry
‘This is the Son of God!’
Unless it were your goal
To fill the nations with a flood
Of grace and good?
And would you stand and fall
Forsaken and alone
Unless in you
The lonely are to find a home?

Why, among all days, is this day good?
This is that day I saw my God
Hang on a cross of shame and wrath.
In deepest pain
And greatest loss

My God, laid in my tomb
In him my sin has died
And now I look to the dawn
The Sabbath day,
When hope will rise

The tomb can no longer be the end
This Prince of Life in Hades waits
To burst its bonds
And mark an end to fearful accusation
To bring about the promise
Of his – and my – resurrection

James Krieg


One thought on “Good Friday

  1. Thank you James for a well expressed moving reminder of the grace of God so evident in the horror of the crucifixion. And of the tables turned on the Prince of Peace, who for a moment becomes the butt of the scorn and ridicule of wicked men. I await the joy and triumph of The Resurrection with great anticipation. Daryl


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